__Chh Records -

    Voted 2.  That Two be the Number of

    Delegates upon this Occasion

    === Then it was movd that the Chh choose

    by proxys, (meaning yrby written papers)__

    and we attempted it, but those Brethren wo

    had the most Votes not having more than all

    others, we were obligd to try again wch

    ^deferrd; &

    being it was the Lords Day and late Chh we ^

    adjournd to Tuesday Next, at 2 pm. ____

    Feb. 24. The Chh met by Adjournmt

    After Prayer Voted for Delegates to

    Serve in ye Council at Upton on March 13,

    next ensuing. Voted l. Br Francis Whip

    :ple the first Delegate. Voted 2. Deacon

    Newton the other.

    === This Affair thus far accomplishd

    The pastor took this Oppty to Confer

    wth the Chh respecting what might be

    best to be done wth Cornelius Cook.

    The Chh debated and then came to a Resolve

    to Send a Commtee of Three Brethern to

    labour wth him still to see if he may

    be brought to any better Frame and

    Voted, 1. That Deac: Forbush be one,

    Voted 2. That Brr James Bradish be anor &

    Voted 3. That Brr James Bradish junr

    be the Third, to serve on that occasion.

    ==After Prayer and ye Blessing the Chh

    Returnd home to yeir respective Homes.__

    March 1. The Chh was conferrd wth to^uching ye admission

    of Grafton members to occasional Communion. ano of Brethn

    Spake yeir minds & ye rest seemd to Concur, yt being yy were just now

    upon ye very Business of Calling a Council on yeir Differences and