Chh= Records__


    Feb. 22. 1756. Jacob, of Moses ^ & Mary Twitchel, bap.


    March 14.  Mary Latiner was admitted

    to full Communion ____  and ye Same Day

    The Lords Supper was administred. ___


    _____  21. The Chh was stop’d after ye

    Exercises, and passd the following Vote_

    Viz. That our Sister Judith Bellows,

    the wife of Brr Jonathan Bellows, be

    suspended from the Communion and

    from all Other Special privileges in

    this Chh

    NB. Previous to ye above Vote, A Paper

    was read in ye Chh, wc was Signd by ye sd

    Judith. Upon wc ye Pastor made sundry

    remarks __ and then desird ye Brethren

    to Speak their Minds, if any one had

    anything to offer; otherwise it must

    be concluded ye Chh were ready to pass

    a Vote for her Suspension ^ But tho Suf-

    ^ notwthstandg

    ficient Time was given, no body Spake ___

    said paper,

    thereupon ye Pastor proceeded to propose

    wc was most

    the Vote abovesd & it passd in ye affirmative.

    evidently of

    Apr. 4. Barnabas, of Jonas & Persis Brigham, baptd

    no weight.

    and there was a Contribution for James


    Allen, of Hopkinton, who was burnt out.

    for James

    The Sum collected, when counted, was, in old


    Tenor, £17. 19. 0.  wc may God gracsly

    accept & bless ! ____

    April 25. The Lords Supper was administred.


    May 2 . Saml of John & Mercy Chamberlin,

    now of Stockbridge, was baptiz’d

    23. Thomas, of Barachias  & Zerviah Morse

    (recommended by Mr Barrett) was baptized.

    June 6, ^ Elizabeth, of Joseph & Sibyl Bruce, baptd                   ^  The Sacrt

    was administd

    July 11. Winslow, of Levi & Susanna Brigham, bapt. by Rev. Mr Forbush