Chh Records

    Novr 21. Being the Sabbath, the Chs

    Tarry after the Services of the Day

    ____ And adjourn sd Meeting of ye 22d

    Instant Four Weeks  ______

    Decr 19  The Chh Tarry after the

    Blessing on the Sabbath and Vote

    to adjourn said Meeting yet Longer

    three Weeks. viz to the 9 of Jany 1785


    Jany 9th the Chh Met According to

    Adjournment to hear the Report

    of the Aforesaid Committees _____

    Accordingly. Then the first Committee

    proceeded to inform the Chh that they

    had been to see and Converse

    with Br Samuel Fay. and found in

    him as they thot some marks of

    Penetence ___ and say they think

    it probable he will make Christian

    satisfaction to this Chh for his

    Desorderly conduct in Absenting

    himself form Meeting & Ordenance

    engaged to be at this Meeting

    but sickness prevents ____