Chh Records

    Oct.o10th  Lords Supper Administred by

    Rev Elisha Fish ___ and

    Antipas. of John & Mary Harrington

    Anna of Elisha & Hannah Forbes



    of Benja & Lucy Ball were


    all Baptized ___


    Octr 21. Chh met according to Appointment

    agreeable to the request of a Number

    of the Brethren. after being Duly

    notified ___ for the purpose of Electing

    some One Candidate to Settle over

    them in the Work of the Ministry in

    ___ After the meeting was Opened ___ Mr

    Edmunds Mills – who has been supp.

    -lying the Pulpit for some time

    was present_ and by at the Desire

    of the Chh made a Short Prayer __