__Chh - Records.


    It was proposd to reconsider ye Vote aforesd

    (that ye No be two) ___ This ^ was Voted; & that

    the Chh is Satisfyd with Sending one

    Member on this Occasion.

    The meeting finished wth ye Blessing.

    Oct. 19. Stephen, of Benj. &Hannah, Tainter bapt.

    ___ 26. Sarah, of Elijah & Sarah Rice, bapt.

    and Thomas Twitchell, Joseph Grout and

    Sarah his wife, and Rebecca Hardy, were

    admitted into full Communion wth this Chh.

    Likewise Eunice Cook, wife of Cornelius

    Cook was dismissd, & to be recommended

    to ye Second Chh of Christ in Wrentham.

    Nov. 2. The Lords Supper was administred.


              of Joseph & Sarah Grout

    Benjamin &       were  baptizd.


    & Sarah, of Cornelius & Sarah Biglow, also.

    ____ 16. Mellisent, of Sibyl, Bruce, baptized.

    ^ Joseph &

    January 18. 1761, was baptized


    Elias, of Ebr & Hannah Parkman.

    Feb. 22. Jeremiah, of Moses & Mary Twitchel, bapt.

    March 1. The Chh was Stopd, & ye Pastor

    acqted ym yt as to ye Differce there had been

    between him & Brr Saml Fay, it was so far

    brought to an End, yt yy had mutually given

    their Hands __ and now it remaind to see

    whether ye Chh wd restore him ^ to their Cha-

    ^ (said

    rity & admitt him again to Special Ordces

    Brr Fay)

    After a short Space it was put to Vote, &

    it passd  in ye affirmve by a majority of

    13 out of 24.  But it was wt I could not

    but greatly wonder at; & fear ye Conseqce