wait upon that Busness wthout great In-

    :convenience & Trouble __ He was accly dis

    :missed from it; and the Chh proceeded to

    vote for another in his room ____

    Voted yt Brr Saml Williams be appoint

    :ed a Delegate for this Chh at ye approaching

    Ordn at North Shrewsbury instead of Deac.

    Jonn Forbush _______

    Nov. 6. Hannah, of Gershom & Hannah Fay

    & Prudence, of Josiah & Hazad. Bowker        bapt.

    ____ 27. Sarah, of Daniel & Martha Warrin, bapt.

    Dec: 11. Margery, of Hezek. & Rachel Pratt bapt.

    & Silas Fay & Hannah his wife admitted

    into full Communion.

    ___ 18. Beriah _ of Nathl & Kezia Oake

    Mary &   of Silas & Hannah Fay



    Joseph, of Joseph & Mary Green

    ______________________  by Rev Mr Cushing.

    25. Ebenr Maynard ownd ye Covt &

    Joel, of Ebenr & Ame Maynard, bapt.

    Jan: 8. John, of Stephen & Thankfull Maynard,


    (who ownd the Covt lately) baptized.

    Feb. 19. The Chh was stopd to hear a Letter from


    Upton, the Chh there being in grt Diffi=

    at Upton.

    :cultys by Reason of their Divisions,

    Request we wd Meet wth other Chhs in

    Council on ye 13th of March next to hear

    & advise upon their Case.

    Voted 1 Compliance wth their Request.