End and Purpose, upon which we met

    was Express’d, namely, To See whether

    The Chh Had accepted of the Satisfac

    :tion and Reconciliation between or

    Brethren John McCollister and Josiah

    Newton (who, agreeable to the Desire

    of the Arbitrators, had met together &

    sd McColister hearing ye Judgmt of ye

    Arbitrs agreed, & Josiah Newton hum

    :bling hims. and asking forgiveness, sd

    McColister told him He accepted of

    ^ & Brs Asher

    what was now ^now done & was Reconcild) ^ But yre

    Rice & New:

    Chh was not a willingness among many of

    :ton had rea

    ye Chh; and They could in no wise be Easy ex

    :dily complyd

    :cept the Reconciliation shd be (not

    also to leave

    only read in private, as sd McColister wd be con

    their Differ

    :tented with it) if it might Satisfie ye Church,

    :ence to

    but also) Openly Read before the Chh, as

    Two of ye

    a Chh. Newton not readily complying

    Same Arbi

    with that which he esteemd private’s be

    :trators &

    :ing publish’d, Severall were not a little

    wd bind yms.

    Disgusted & disturb’d So yt^ yy could by no

    to ye Result.

    means admit that Wt sd Newton had

    ^ wn it had

    offered was Sufficient. Moreover, con

    been read

    :sidering this Matter had been ^ so much

    ^ Not only

    spread abroad to ye great grievance &


    offence of many; withall, considering

    wth so many

    that Br Collister could not be Easy upon

    persons, &

    any other Terms than the Chh’s accep-

    had been

    :tance of what had been done by them

    privately; For these Reasons The Chh

    ^ wt were present, scil:

    that is ^ six against five, (There being but

    ^ of 28 wthout

    Eleven ^ met together, (Except The Pastor, who

    ye Pastor to y Chh.

    refus’d to give his vote of either Side)

    ^ late

    Voted That the ^ Proceedings of Josiah New

    :ton Should be brought under ye Cogni:

    ^ dis-

    :zance of the Chh. __ Which being ^ patch’d

    another Affair namely respecting Samuel

    Hardy’s Enjoying Priviledges among us

    was mentioned; but, it growing late we.

    ^ & appointed

    deferr’d it ^ And So recommending our


    Selves to the Protection & Conduct, & all our Ad