Warrin, dismissd from ye Chh in Worcester,

    And Jonn Tainter (son of Simon Tainter) &

    Mary Whitney (Dauter of Natl & Mary Whitney)

    were admitted into Chh Fellowship. ______

    June 17. Elizabeth, of David & Dinah Goodenow, bapt.

    _____ 24. Benjamin, of Asher Rice, Now dwelling

    at Leicester, bapt. P Rev Mr Morse of Shrewsbury.

    July 1. Brother Jonn Bellows offerd a Con

    :fession of his having been guilty of Negligence

    in his Busness, & Dishonesty & Lying Pc in Trading

    and was restord to Charity.

    Nr  Cornelius Cook also offerd a Confession

    of his Sin of profane Swearing (See pag. 60)

    and was restord. ____________

    _____15. Mary, of Saml & Elizath Harrington

    John, of Jonathan junr & Joanna Forbush,    bapt.

    Daniel of Jonathan & Sarah Cutting


    ___ 22. The Lords Supper Administred. &

         pm. Ruth, of Jonathan & Judith Bellows, bapt.

    29. Lucy, of James & Lydia Fay, bapt.

    Aug: 12. Dorothy, of Jedidiah & Abig. How    bapt.

    & Martin, of Martin & Lydia Pratt

    _____19. Sarah Tainter, (Dauter of Simon &

    Rebecca Tainter) was admitted into full Com


    ____ 26. Priscilla, of Zebulon & Abigl Rice, bapt.


    Sept 2. The Lords Supper was administrd

    Asa, of Thomas & Persis Goodenow bapt.

    >___ 9. Simeon, of Ithamar & Mary Bellows, bapt.

    Oct. 7. Jane, of Benjamin and Jane Lawrence, bapt.

    _____21. Eli Forbush & Thankfull Maynard

    (ye wife of Stephen) admitted to Chh Fellowship.


    & the Sacrt of ye Lords Supper Administred.

    >Sept. 2: A Letter from a new Society in New-Haven, Connecticut,

    desiring ^a Council read ___ but no vote to comply. ________