Chh- Records____



    Abraham Bond,# when were gathered


    593¼ Dollars! and thirteen Notes


    of Grain, Labor and other Things,


    necessary and usefull. _____


    # His Barn was burnt by Light-


    ning, Friday, July 28th last.


    __20. The following Children of


    Samuel & Sarah Thurston


    were baptiz’d, viz.


    Sarah, Samuel, Elizabeth


    Joseph, Eli, Hannah.


    27. Hannah, Wife of Thos Andrews;


    also John & Mehitabel Fay, were


    admitted into full Communn


    The Brethren were stopd, & at the


    Request of Mrs Persis Adams, the Chh


    meeting was adjournd further,


    to Tuesday, a month after ye next:


    wc will be Sept. 26, to be at 2 p.m.


    at the same place. The Considn of Mr Danl


    Adams’s Paper was deferrd to ye Same Ad-




    Sept. 3. Nathan & Persis Fay


    dismissd & recommended to ye Chh in




    6. The Chh was Staid to receive


    the Ansrs of Dr. Hawes, & Brr


    Childs.  The former acquiesed in


    the Choice “^ if there was no objecn

    ^ yt is,


    & if the Chh were unanimous.”