__Chh – Records.

    Lucy, of Joseph & Sarah Grout,

    Ephraim, of Benajah &


    William, Molly, Hepzy & Bernice,

    of Benjamin & Lucretia, Warrin

    were baptizd.

    _________ Aug. 1. A Publick Fast thrò ys

    Colony, on Considn of ye present ex-

    traordry Crisis of or Affairs.


    4. The Lords Supper was admind

    11. Three Children of Lydia Wheelock

    viz. Moses-Bond, John, & Lydia, were bapt.

    ^ Beeton

    18. John and Martha ^ solemnly

    engag.d before God, ye Chh & Congregn

    that a Grand Child of theirs, wc yy

    ^ take Care

    now presented, they wd ^ bring her

    of ye Edu-

    up in the Nurture & Admonition


    of the Lord.  Upon wc Promise she

    of, & by

    was baptizd, & calld Martha.

    div. help,

    Sept. 1. Timothy, of Benj. & Lucr. Warrin, bapt.


    >  ____ 22. A Contribusion was made, in

    Compliance with an Address of Rev. Dr

    Stiles & Mr Hopkins of Newport for ye

    Support & Encouragemt of Missionarys

    to Annamabo in Africa. It amounted

    to £4.7.10. & by additions afterwds, to

    £4.12.0. lawful Money. wc may God gra-

    ciously accept, thro Jesus Cht!

    Oct. 6. Samuel, of Nathan & Sarah

    Townsend, was baptizd.


    ____ 27. The Lords Supper was admd

    & Silas, of Moses & Lydia Wheelock,

    > Sacrt

    Sept. 15. Admd ye Lords Supper.