The sacrament of the Lords Supper. was admi

    March 29 nisterd being the first since my ordination _

    The Church tarried after divine sirvice and

    Voted . ____

    ___  ___  ___


    1 To alter the time of celebrating the sacra

    ment of the Lords Supper for the future

    2 Voted that the time of our next Sacrament

    be the second Lords Day in June next, and

    then that in future this and every succeed

    ing year the usual time of celebrating the

    sacrament of the Lords Super be the

    second Lords Day in every other Month thro

    ough the year beginning the year with

    February.___ Allowing however, that the

    Pastor may when he judges it necessary

    and convenient vary a Lords Day a

    two from the usual time ____

    Attest John Robinson Pastor

    August 9 Began to sing Doctor Watts’s Psalms and

    Hymns in Public Warship in lieu of Bra

    dy and Tates version which had been

    previously used.  ____  _____  ____


    The Church tarried after the blessing

    May 30

    was pronounced, and at the disire of

    Deacon Wood, and considering his age

    and infirmities _ __  Voted . _____

    1 To choose another Deacon

    2 That the Wednesday after next be assignd

    as the day to come to a choice . ____

    June 9

    The Church tarried tarried after Lecture

    and agreeably to assignment _ _ Voted

    1 To proceed at this time to the choice

    of a Deacon .  ___



    2 Voted that Brother Jonathan Forbes be the

    Deacon in the room of Deacon Wood. __