Oct. 28. Mary, of Eleazer & Mary Whitney, bapt.

    NB Said Eleazar is a member of ye Chh in Waltham.

    Nov. 11. We had a Contribution in ye Congre

    :gation, at the Request & for ye Relief of

    Mr Jedidiah Biglo of Grafton who was


    burnt out Oct. 9 last.

    for Mr

    13. I recd a Paper from ye Deacons in the

    Jed. Biglow.

    following form.  viz. To Mr Parkman

    == Nov. 12. 1744

    We ye Subscribers have counted ye Money gathered last

    Sabbath & found it to be

    £10: 6: 5.

    John Fay


    in 3 Penny Bitts  1. 7. 6.

    Jonathan Forbush

    1 Penny Bitts. 0. 7. 9

    Josiah Newton

    Paper Money 8 .11. 8

    The Total is  10. 6 .5

    Josiah Newton.__

    Nov. 18. Benjamin, of Benjamin & Martha Fay, bapt.

    Dec: 2. The Lords Supper administred.


    Jan: 4. Solomon, ye son of Simeon & Rebecca


    Hayward, being Sick and in Danger of Death,

    was baptizd in their own House __

    NB All ye Neighbrs yt cd be informd came, & particly

    yre were ye following persons present

    Brr Nathan Ball, Joshua Townsend, Jonn Livermore,

    Wm Holloway, Jno Mcallister, Wm Caruth, Paul Fay __

    besides a No of women_________

    Feb. 24. Ruth, of Eleaz. & Mercy Williams, bapt.

    & Persis, wife of Edw. Baker admitted into Chh Com

    :munion. ________

    >Dec: 16. At the Request of Brother John Pratt, his and

    his wife’s Dismission were Voted, & yt yy shd be recomd

    to the Chh in Hardwick where yy are gone to dwell.