Chh – Records.


    Pastor added yt considering the paper

    referrd to came to him unprepard, &

    yt That was not done about it, wc he ex-

    pected, & depended upon to have been

    done; as appears since, (tho he did not

    know ^ this before the reading of it) he was

    Sorry he read it, & prayd ye Chh to for-

    give what mis-step there was therein.

    Then it was put to Vote, whether the

    Lds Supper be attended upon, according

    to the appointmt    and if it be the

    mind of the Chh yt it be ^ & yt it includes &

    implys ^ that ye Chh doth hereby signi-

    ^ therein,

    fy their acceptance & satisfaction wth

    the agreemt aforesaid, & ^ wt has been of-

    ^ with

    ferd respecting the Reading of ye Paper ___

    ___ It passd in ye affirmative. ___

    ___ with ye Blessing ye Chh was dismissd.

    Apr. 26. The Lords Supper was administred


    p.m. Mrs Anna Marbel, wife of Mr Jonn

    Marbel of Grafton, presented two Chil-

    dren to Baptism ___ she being a member of good standing

    in the Chh in Grafton, as appears by a Certificat

    from Rev. Mr Hutchinson; ^ they were led up

    ^ there being

    by their respective Masters, Henry by Bar-

    no objn

    nabas Newton, & Anna by Danl Miller ___

    against it,

    and they were both of ym baptized.

    May 10. Luther of Joseph & Jemma Morse, bapt.

    ___   & The Chh was detaind so long as to

    hear a Letter to ye Pastr from Seven Brn

    desiring a Chh – meeting, to considr whether

    Mrs Andrews may enjoy ^ Commn with ys Chh?

    ^ transient

    a Chh meetg was accly appted to be on ye 19th

    19. The Chh met accg to apptmt ___

    The meeting was opend by Prayr & an Exhrn ___