_Chh- Records.


    who Subscribed the Petition of Nov. 18.

    last; and contained the follg Articles

    wc were acted upon.  viz

    l. To See if it is ye Mind of this Chh, yt

    the Book called “Observations upon ye

    Congregational Plan of Chh Governmt

    be Such in their opinion as they are

    willing to receive as a Rule to be

    governd by, when we do not know

    yt this Chh or any other Chh had any

    hand in composing the Same.

    Among ye Brn it passd in ye Negative.

    The Pastor observing to ym yt he did

    not conceive it was expected yt

    so high Regard shd be paid to it

    as to make it a Rule, or Standard; what

    was by divine Inspiration, being our only

    Rule in that sense; nor is it imposd, but ye contrry

    2. To See if [------] it be as agreeable

    to the minds of the Brethren of this Chh

    to break Communion with ^ Chh, before ad-

    ^ any othr

    monition be given.

    The Brethren’s vote was in ye Negative.

    ___ The pastor’s mind was somewhat different.

    He observd yt when there is, with persons or a

    Chh, matter of Scandal, Division &c: and the Cause

    is depending+; it is unfit yt either party shd offer

    + Sub Judice

    themselves to ye Communion of other Chhs.

    Lis est. or

    3. To See if it is ye Opinion of this Chh yt


    a Pastor of a Congregational Chh, has a legal

    there is

    Right and Authority to negative & make Void

    faulty neg-

    the Votes which such a Chh shall see Cause to

    lect to have

    pass. _____ The Brethren voted in ye negative.

    it heard:

    Thò The Pastor, on the other hand ^ shewd how

    ^ previously

    very different the most venerable Fathers and