be sent to the said Family to Labour wth ym for

    a Composition, especially to express ye Watch & Care of ye

    chh over our Sister Mrs Fay ___ The Comtee appointed &

    sent were Deacs Tomlin, Brr Jonn Forbes & Brr

    Joseph Wheeler.

    (3. Brr John Green’s Case and his Desire of a Dismission

    now he is gone to dwell at Brookfield, was laid before

    ye Chh. Agreed yt it be referrd to Considn & Advice upon


    (4.  The Case of Sister Rebecca Byles who had been prose

    :cuted for Defaming Mr John Hicks (member of ye Chh of Cam

    :bridge) before Nahum Ward Esq. And ye Case of her Brr Thos

    Furbush, who together with his Sister Byles were pro=

    :secuted before ye Same Justice for Speaking falsely of

    ye Said Hicks words while at ye foresaid Justice’s house __

    In which Cases they were both Cast and Judgmt went agst ym

    before Mr Justice Ward, but appeald from ye Sentence:

    However yey Saw Meet to Agree before ye time of ye Court, &

    were now brought before ye Chh.  And Each of e’m made

    (^ especially

    Such acknowledgmts ^ as yt the Chh Voted yeir Acceptce

    Sister Byles

    of and restord em to yeir Charity _____

    So my freely)

    After Earnest Exhortn to grt Care & Watchfullness ___

    Strong Caution agst Reproaching one another, against pas

    :sionateness & unsuitable Expressions &c _ ye Chh was dismissd  __

    March 24.  Eliphalet, of Thomas & Lydia Warrin baptizd


    _______ 31. Sacramt administred ___

    Lydia, of James & Sarah Ball &


    Solomon, of Saml junr and Deliverance Fay

       ^ Margaret

    April.14. Samuel, of John & ^ McAlaster (or McCollister) baptizd

    _____ 21. Sarah, of Abner & Vashti Newton, bapt.

    May 5.  Deborah, Sarah, Hannah & Submitt Ward

    Dauters of Oliver Ward, having given their Solemn Con

    :sent to ye Covt were baptizd as were likewise

    Elizabeth, of Edward Baker &

    Hannah, of Ephraim & Susanna Allen.

    June 9.  Lucy, of Nat. & Mary Whitney,

    Thomas, of Saml & Tab. Hardy,           baptizd

       John, of (John &) Jemima Caruth

    _____ 16. Sarah, the Wife of Thomas Bruce

    was admitted into our Communion _________

    Jun. 23.