_  Church___

    May. 1. Asher Rice was admitted

    into our Communion.

    8.  Betty the Daûter of John

    & Bathsheba Pratt. was Baptized.____

    22.  Hannah the Daughter of Jo:

    :seph and Martha Willard of Hassinemisco

    was Baptized. __

    29.  Jedidiah The Son of Peres &

    Lydia Rice was (by Mr Barrett in My

    absence) Baptized. _______


    June 26.  The Lords Supper was

    Solemnized with us. ______

    July 10.  Noah, Son of Aaron & Susanna Forbush

    was Baptized. ___


    August 21. was Sacrament Day. ___

    Sept: 11.  Edward Baker was ad=


    :mitted into our Communion.

              18. Mary the Daughter of Isaac

    & Mary Shattuck was baptized.____


    25. The Sacrament was administered.

    ^Octob: 9. Eli, ye

    Son of Jonathan

    Novembêr. 6. Gideon the Son of Jonathan

    and Martha Howard was Baptized.

    & Hannah Forbush

                13.  Hannah Holloway was ad

    was Baptizd by

    Mr Cushing in

    :mitted into our Fellowship. & this Day also

    The Sacrament of the Lords Supper was

    my absence.

    Administered among us. _______


    December 11.  Thomas Forbush Junr

    was admitted into our Communion.

    25. Persis, Dauter of Edward

    and Persis Baker, was baptized. ___


    January 1.  Ann Daûter of John &

    Jennet McCollister was baptized.

                  15.  Mary, Daûter of William

    and Mary Holloway was baptized.____

    Jan: 29.