_Chh - Records.

    & first the meeting was opend by prayr

    then, It was put to vote

      Whether the Chh wd proceed to ye Choice

    of another Deacon as proposed __

    it passd in the Affirmative.

    Upon which the Brethren were desird

    to bring in their Votes for him.  &

    it appeard that Brr Simon Tainter

    was chosen

    The meeting was concluded wth

    Prayer & Blessing.  _______

    Jan. 30. Stephen of David & Lydia Batherick, bapt.

    Feb. 20.  David, of Jonn & Joanna Fay, bapt.

    March 13. Lucy Parkman was admitted into

    full Communion ___ and the Lords Supper was


    administred. ___

    John, of Edwards & Sarah Whipple             bapt.

    Eleanor, of James junr & Elizth Miller

    ___ 20. Elizabeth, of Ebr & Lucy Forbush, bapt.

    Apr. 10. Eunice, of Timothy & Rebec.Warrin

    Daniel, of Jonas & Lydia Twitchel


    Asa, of Artemas & Mary Bruce, baptd

    by Rev. Mr Martyn.

    __ 24. Ebenezer Parkman junr and

    Elizabeth his Wife were admitted into full

    _____ Communion wth this Chh.  and

    the same Day the holy Sacrt of ye Lords Supper


    was administred.

    May 1. Persis, of Saml & Elizth Harrington

    Joel, of Ebr  & Sarah, Maynard,

    & Ebenezer ^ Elizth & Mary, of Ebenr junr &

    ^ tertius, &

       Elizth Parkman, were baptizd.