Chh Records

    And He sent in writing his Acknow-

    ledgement to the Chh for this Desorderly

    Walk. and asked forgiveness upon

    which the Chh Vote to Receive him to

    their Charity.


    __Then the Other Committee Report that

    they had seen and Conversed with Benja

    How- who spake as tho he thought the

    Chh had no Business with him. since

    he was in Regular Standing With them

    in their Late Revd Pastors Lifetime ____

    Capt Stephen Maynard. says he consider

    himself in Relation to the Chh – and went

    on to Speak of the Late alteration made

    by the Chh in Despensing with their

    mode of Admitting persons to the

    priviledge of Baptism. thot they did it

    to please Mr Judson – a late Candidate __

    __ and supposd himself. that it was wrong

    Then the Chh Vote that they are Dessatisfd

    -tion with Richard Barns. in Consequnce

    of his breach of the seventh Commandment

    and of Benja Warren for profaness ___

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