Chh Records


    Then Voted their be a Committee of

    Seven to go and talk with those

    Brethren who are in the half way

    Relation (so called by some) for their

    neglect of Duty in not coming to the

    Ordenance of the Supper ___ And that

    Br Joseph Baker

    Br Abijah Gale

    Br Joseph Harrington

    Br Saml Forbush

    Br David Batherick

    Br Jonas Brigham and

    Br Ebenr Chamberlain Jur be a

    Committee for that purpose ______

    And furthermore that they enquire

    of Barnabas Newton for a breach of

    Sabbath by servile Labor as is

    Reported __ Likewise of Benja Warren

    for profane swearing. both of whom

    are in covenant ___

    Then Appointed a Chh Meeting

    to be on the 22 of Novr next at 2 oClk

    P.M. to hear the Report of the

    aforesaid Committees