_Church - Records.

    Aug. 31. The Lords Supper administerd


    Sept. 27. There was a Contribution

    for Mr

    for the Relief of Mr Jesse Maynard who

    Jesse May-

    was lately burnt out. It amounted to


    £21. 3. 7. ½ old Tenr _____

    Oct. 5. Abigail, heretofore Maynard,

    now Lock ( ye wife of Joshua Lock)

    made a Confession of ye Sin of Forni-

    cation, and was restord to Charity

    She also ownd ye Covt and was 1

    Grace, her Dauter, was baptiz’d

    The Same day, Eunice ye wife of Joseph

    Rice, and Lucy, the Wife of Ebr Forbush,

    were admitted into Chh Fellowship. _____


    12. The Lords Supper administred. __

    & Hannah, of Deacon Jonn Forbush junr & Joanna

    his Wife _______


    Eunice, of Timothy & Rebecca, Warrin, ___


    Josiah          of Josiah & Eunice, Rice,  ______



    19. Anna-Sophia, of Ebenr

    & Hannah Parkman, and

    Ebenezer & Hannah, of Ebenr &

    Lucy Forbush, were baptized. __


    Nov. 23. The Lords Supper was administred.

    30. Martha, of Bezeleel & Sarah, Smith,

    Eleazar, of Solomon & Patience, Woods       bapt.

    Josiah, of Stephen & Thankfull, Maynard

    Sarah, of Elijah & Sarah, Rice,

    Dec. 21. Zeruiah, of Zebulun & Abigl Rice, bapt.



    The Same Day likewise (Oct. 12.) Mary, ye wife

    of Rev. Eli Forbush, pastor of ye 2d Chh in Brook-

    field, had, by Chh Vote (accg to her request) her

    Relation to us, transferrd to said Chh in Brook-