__Chh - Records.

    The Chh saw fit to have a Day

    of solemn Fasting, Humiln &

    Prayer, appointed. It was on

    Consideration of the Various Frowns

    of Heaven upon us, (in ye Contince

    of ye War, and ye grt perplexities and

    Difficultys wc ye People are involv’d

    in; the Drought &c) The evident

    Increase of Vice & Wickedness, &

    the Sorrowfull Decay of Religion

    in these very degerate times,

    Voted, yt Thursday next, ye 29

    ^ yt

    inst. be ye Time; and ^ it be recom-

    mended to ye Congregn to join wth

    us herein. ____

    Prayer & the Blessing concluded

    this meeting. _____

    25. The Congregn manifested their Concurrce

    with ye Chh in requesting a Fast on ye 29th

    and it was accly appocated. ________

    29th was Observed as a Day of Fasting &

    Prayer, __ wc may G. gracly accept!


    Sept. 1. The Lds Supper was admind

    23. The Chh met accg to Adjournmt

    The Meeting was opend by Prayer.

    Danl & Persis Adams present ____

    The Bus’ness is to consider ye Complaint of

    ye latter agst her Husband.

    Previous to wc was a Pathetic Address to ye

    Parties, urging to Love & Peace.

    It was offerd to ym to choose Some Wise & indift

    men to hear & determine &c.

    The Chh being Obligd to enter upon

    he very difficult Affair, Mrs Adams’s

    Complaint being read, and, her (Sworn)