Oct: 21. Ruhamah (wife of Eleazar) Pratt (wth

    :in ye Bounds of Shrewsbury) was admitted into

    our Commn as was John Graves, being dismiss’d

    or recommend

    from ye East Chh in Sudbury.


    The Sacramt was administred. &


    Barnabas, son of Josiah & Ruhamah Newton &

    Lucy, Dauter of Thomas & Sarah Bruce were baptizd

    Nov. 11. Stephen, of Cornelius & D Eunice Cook baptizd

    Dec: 3. Asher, of Asher & _____ Rice, baptized.

    ______ 9. The Sacramt of Supper was Administred


    10. Catachizd at ye Meeting house _____

    20. Silas Son of (Zebadiah &) Thankfull

    Smith was baptized. _____

    Jan: 6. Francis Whipple & Abigail his wife


    being dismissd from ye particular Relation in wch

    they stood to ye Chh of Cht in Ipswich, were admitted

    ^ Third

    into our Communion

    ______ 27. Sarah, of Jonah & Elizabeth Warrin


    _________ Jedidiah, of Jedidiah & Abigail How

    Feb: 3. Abner Newton & Vashti his wife having

    offerd a Confession of yeir breaking ye 7th Comt were

    restored, and they ownd the Covt _____

    March 19. The Chh came together upon Diverse

    Chh Meeting

    Affairs and Causes.    as particly

    Brr Peres Rice desird a Dismission to ye Chh of Sutton

    and he being present the Chh requird him to give an

    acct. of his abstaining several Sacraments from our

    Communion, before they would proceed to Dismiss him and

    recommend him. But when he had given satisfac

    :tion in that point his Desire was complyd with ___

    Sister Tabitha Fay’s Case was laid before the Chh’s Con

    :sideration She having been absent from Commn for a

    Year or Two, or more ___ being with held by her husband,

    Mr Saml Fay.

    on acct of our Singing: It was also referrd in Causes whether

    ye Chh ought not to fulfill yeir Duty townards ye said Saml

    Fay & Dauter Tabitha members of ye Chh in Marlboro &

    tho residing with us yet abstaining year after year from

    Commn with us.    The Chh voted yt a Comtee from ye Chh shd