Chh  Records


    Augt12. 3 oC PM __

    The Chh. mett

    according to Appointment to hear

    and consider matters of difficulty between

    Br Danl Adams and his Wife Persis __

    The Parties Present __ after some con-


    1 Voted to make the Offer & Proposal

    to ye Parties contending. viz Br Adams &

    as his wife to join with them in a

    mutual Council in Refering the

    whole matter of difficulty pending between

    them the as members in Relations

    to this Chh _ and whatever concerns

    the Chh Relative to them as Such


    The Parties hesitating abt refering their

    difficulties to ye Judgment and Determi

    -nation of a Mutual Council ____

    The Chh Vote

    2ly to give them one fortnight

    to consider of the proposal and give

    notice of their Determinations with

    Respect to the matter _________