_Chh- Records.__


    Mr Peter Whitney.



    July 24. The Lords Supper administred.


    Aug. 14. Lucy, of Joseph & Sarah Grout, bapt.


    21. Benajah, of Benajah & Abigail, Brig-


    ham, by Vertue of Certificat from Rev. Mr


    Smith of Marlboro was baptiz’d.



    Sept. 4. The Lds Supper was administd


    25. Martha, of James & Tomasin


    Bellows, was baptizd.


    Oct. 2. Esther, of Jonn & Eunice Child bapt.


    by Rev. Mr Joseph Willard of Mendon.


    9. Lucy, of Thos & Anne Whitney


    Eunice, of James & Mary Godfrey,


    Wentworth, of John & Mary Harring^ton


    Eunice, of Solomon & Jemima Woods,


    were baptized by Rev. Eli Forbes.



    23. The Lords Supper was admind


    30. Lydia, of Joseph & Martha Baker, bapt.


    Nov. 6. Silas of John &

    Piper, bapt.


    27. Joseph, of Joseph & Esther Belknap, bapt.



    Dec.11. The Lords Supper was administd ___





    Janry 1. 1775.


    The Chh was Stopd to confer abt a Chh


    ^ at wch

    Meeting ^ to Consider ye Cases of several


    Delinquents. viz. the Case of Eunice


    Rice, which has been heretofore already


    under or Cognizance; & that of Brr Saml


    Fay, who has been long absent from ye


    Lords Supper, and even from ye common Ex-


    ercises of ye Sabbath: also to hear a Paper


    wc I have recd from a No of ye Brn & to


    See wt ye Chh wd do upon it.  By Agreemt


    a meeting was appointed to be tomorrow


    come sennight at one o’Clock  p.m.  [The


    place must be where we were if no other is