= ministrations to the Direction & Blessing

    of our gracs God & Redeemer, especially un-

    :der the present Difficulties, imploring Pardon

    at ye Hands of God; with Thanksgivings for his

    innumerable both public & Private mercies,

    & Beseeching yt ye threatning Evils may

    be averted from us – We departed from

    The Meeting

    one another for [---------] ________________

    was dissolved.

    April 4.  Being met together we first

    7th Chh

    offered up most Earnest Supplications to God


    to prevent ye Evils threatning us, to grant his im

    :mediate & Signal presance with us, & to Assist,

    Conduct, & give an happy issue to us. The Pastor

    next declard The Bus’ness of the Meeting; namely,

    to take under our Cognizance ye late Conduct

    of Josiah Newton; But before it was proceeded

    to, ye Pastor gave an urgent Premonition & Ex=

    :hortation, touching ye Evils & Dangers we were

    in a very dreadfull manner exposd to, and press-

    :ing to utmost Caution & watchfulness ^ Delibera

    ^ over or Selves

    :tion and prayerfullness, & relyance on God &c:

    as well as agst

    Then it was Enquir’d, How far doth Josiah New

    or Spl Enemies,

    :ton acknowledge hims. Sorry for wt he has

    done; and what is meant by his Proceedings

    with John McCollister? and he answering yt

    thereby he mean’t his Leading them (namely

    John McCollister and the Persons with Him)

    along in Such a Train of Discourse as Decei-

    :ved them; agreeable __ a Confession was im-

    :mediately drawn up at Br Newtons Request

    and Direction: And [----] being read to the Chh

    Several Times over,________ Acceptance was

    universally Voted. After which the Pastor

    turn’d to the sd Newton with a brief word both

    Hortatory & Consolatory. ___

    Our Brother Asher Rice ^ had requested yt Some

    complaints of His ^ might have an hearing (Sav:

    agst ye Same

    :ing only That ^ relating to ye Same Deceit before


    Spoken of: ^ wth his humbling himslf beforesaid, ye

    ^ Complaint

    sd Rice was well Satisfyd __ & declard ^ he also for

    of His

    ever sunk ye Temporal Part also.) There were

    ^ withal, yt


    :^ was dropt; and