And warning any Brother or Sis

    :ter which offendeth, not divulging

    private offences irregularly; but heed

    :fully following the Severall Precepts

    laid down by Christ for Church=Dealing

    in Matth: Willingly for

    :giving all that manifest to the

    Judgment of Charity that they truly

    repent of their Miscarriages. ____

    Now the God of Peace that

    brought again from ye Dead our

    Lord Jesus Christ: That grt Shep

    :herd of the Sheep, this ye Blood

    of the Everlasting Covenant; make

    us all Perfect in Every good way

    and work to do his Will, working

    in us That which is Well pleasing

    in his Sight through Jesus Christ.

    To whom be Glory for Ever & Ever__

    Amen. ___

    ⊕ Ebenezer Parkman. Pastor.

    ⊕ Thomas Forbush.

    ⊕ John Pratt.

    ⊛ Edmund Rice.

    ⊕ Isaac Tomlin.    Deacons.

    ⊕ John Fay.

    ⊕ David Maynard.

    ⊕ Thomas Newton.

    ⊕ James Bradish. dyd Feb. 1763.

    ⊕ David Brigham.

    ⊕ Joseph Wheeler.

    ⊕ James Ball.

    ⊕ Isaac Tomlin Junr

    Of ye members here & that follow, note well,

    Those yt are markd ⊛ (before yeir names)


    are dead. Those markd  +  made Confessions.

    Those with this mark, #] are dismissed from us,

    yt is yeir particular Relation to us transferrd to some

    other Chh.