May 16. 1784

    Lords Supper Administred


    and Elijah    twins, of Danll& Rebeckah


    and Elisha   Stockwell were Baptized

    By Revd Elisha Fish of Upton _____



    Lord’s Supper was administred _

    Mehetable Lealand wife of Eli

    Lealand was Admitted to full Com.

    -munion with the Chh __

    Also Mendwell Entweshill wife

    of Edmund Entwishill after

    humbling herself for the Sin of

    Fornication before God & Man

    was admitted into Full Communion

    with the Chh ___

    John – of John & Mehetable Fay

    Silas.  of Eli & Mehetable Lealand

    & Aron: Hill of Mindwell Entwishill

    were all Baptized by the Revd __

    Amoriah Frost of Melford ____