Chh Records


    March 16 1784

    Chh meeting. .  According

    to Appointment _ for the purpose

    of seeing whether it is the Minds of the

    Chh to give Mr Judson a Call to settle

    in ye Ministry ___ Meeting was Opened

    by Prayer by Our Revd Moderator Mr ___

    Sumner __

    . many things were said in Objection to

    giving Mr Judson a Call at this Time

    at length Voted

    1st that it be the Minds of

    This Chh to confer with Mr Judson

    in public, previous to their proceeding

    to manifest their minds in giving

    him a Call to settle with them in the

    work of ye Minestry ____

    2dly Voted that their be a Committee to wait

    on Mr Judson to aquaint him with the

    desired Conference

    3d that the Committee Consist of Three

    Br Elijah Brigham

    James Hawes

    Jos: Baker