Chh Records -

    Then the Chh had some Conversation

    on what Mr Mills had Observed to‘em

    after which ye Question was put

    whether it be the Minds of the Chh

    to proceed at this Time to give any

    Candidate a Call to Settle over ‘em

    in ye Minestry. passed in ye Affirmative

    __ Then Votes were call for by the

    Deacons who Stand as Moderators

    at aft this Meeting__ which were brot

    in writing__ after ye Question was

    asked whether the Votes were all

    that might be Expected bt in. and

    no answer made, the Votes were

    by ye Deacons counted one by one

    and found. to be all for Mr Edmund

    Mills -_ Accordingly the Votes were

    declared -_ and that the Chh had made

    Choice of Mr E Mills to be their Pastor

    34 Members Present

    __29 Voted for Mr Mills