_Chh- Records.___


    Apr. 21. The Lds Supper was Admind


    Levi & Asenath, of Solomon Batherick, bapt.

    May 5. The Chh was Stayd to hear &

    Letter fr

    Act upon a Letter from ye first Chh in

    ye 1st Chh

    Gloucester requesting ye Assistce of ys,

    in Glouces-

    in ye Instalmt of ye rev. Mr Eli Forbes, on


    ye 5th Day of June next; as their pastor;

    Voted to Comply.

    Voted, to send two Delegates.

    ________ that Squire ^ Baker be one.

    ^ Joseph

    but he prayd to ^ be excusd bec:

    he cd not think he could go.

    Voted, that Brr Danl Forbes be one.

    _______ that Brr Abijah Gale be ye other.

    May 12: Hephzibah Parker (heretofore Warrin)

    member of ye first Chh in Shrewsbury, pre-

    sented two children to Baptism.  Their

    names were Elizabeth &

    Stephen ___        Warrin.

    _____ 10. Asael, of Daniel & Rebecca

    Stockwell, was bapt. by Rev. P. Whitney.

    June 16. The Confession of Thankf.

    Warrin, widow of ye late Timthy junr

    was read & accepted; & She ownd the

    Covt ____

    Joseph, of Elisha & Hannah Forbes

    Edward, of Nehem. & Dorothy Maynd    bapt.

    23. The Lords Supper was administred.


    Noah & Eli, Sons of ye Widow Thankf.

    Warrin, were baptizd.

    July 7. Buckminster, of Benj. and

    Sarah, Wood ___