___Chh - Records.

    Aug. 3. Aaron, of Isaac, Miller, baptizd

    by ye Rev. Mr Hutchinson of Grafton

    10. Charles, of Benj. & Eliz. Fay, bapt.

    24. Thankfull Rice, wife of Josiah Rice,

    was dismissd to the Chh in Northborô.

    & Mrs Lavinia Bowman, Spouse of ye

    Rev. Mr Joseph Bowman, was dismissd

    to the Chh in Oxford.

    31. Abner, of Ebr & Lucy Forbush, bapt.


    Sept. 7. The Lds Supper admind

    & Moses, of Phinehas & Azuba Gleason, bapt.

    28. Mary, the Wife of Solomon Miller,

    was admitted into Chh Fellowship. &

    Joseph, of Moses & Mehitabel Brigham

    was baptizd. ____

    Oct. 5. Elizth of Edmd & Sarah Brigham, bapt.

    The Brethren were stopd & a Letter signd

    Eunice Andrews, dated Oct. 2. was read.

    & agreeable to ye Request yrin, a Chh -

    meeting was appointed to be on ye 17th inst

    God willing, after LectƐ ____

    Chh Meetg

    Oct. 17. Chh met accg to appointmt ___

    on acct of

    Mrs Andrews’s Letter was again read.

    Mrs Andrews.

    But she not being present it was thot best

    to adjourn the meeting ___ It was accly ad-

    ^ by div.

    journd ^ to ye first Thursday in Novr (wc will be ye 6th


    Day) and Brr Gale is desird to notifie Mrs Andrews,

    that she is expected to attend at yt time.

    19. Francis Whipple junr offerd a

    Confession of his breaking ye 7th Commt &

    was restord to Charity.

    He was also admitted into Chh Fel-

    lowship. as were Ezekiel Smith & Ruth


    his Wife.  The Lds supper was admind

    & Sarah, Jacob, Olive & Mary, Children of

    Solomon & Mary Miller, __ &

    Ephraim of Moses & Lucy Sever; also

    Abner, of Francis junr & Priscilla Whipple

    were baptized.