:mitted into our Communion


    A Letter from the Pastor & standing Part of

    at Leicester.

    the Chh of Cht at Leicester, with the Consent of

    the agrieved, requesting the Assistance of our

    Chh and that we would Send our Pastor & Mes

    :senger or Messingers to sit in Council on ye 22

    of this Instant, at Leicester, that their Breaches may

    be made up &c: __ This was read to ye Chh, and

    The Chh first voted a Complyance with ye Request.

    And then Voted That Deacon Fay accompany the

    Pastor to Sit in Council at Leicester, agreeable to yt

    Chh’s Entreaty. _____

    May 26.  The Sacramt of the Lords Sup


    :per was Celebrated, and of Baptism

    was administered to ye following Children

    vizt  Sarah, daûter of Daniel & Mary


    Thurston; Eleazar son of Eleazar & Hannah

    Behman; & Phebe dauter of Joseph

    Willard. ______

    July 7. The Sacrament of ye Lords Supper


    was administred: James Fay & Lydia his Wife

    John Green, Samuel Fay junr and Deliverance

    his Wife & Mehitabel Fay, being first ad

    mitted into our Communion.  The Same Day

    George Oake, the Son of Mary Rice (by her

    former Husband Oake) and Deliverance ye Daûter

    of Samll Fay junr & Deliverance, were baptized

    Aug: 11. James Cutler (of Hassinemisco) was

    admitted into our Communion____

    18. Charity, Daniel, Sarah and Anna

    Children of Eleazar and Sarah Bellows, were

    baptized. _____

    25. The Holy Communion was celebrated.


    Sept: 8. David Maynard Junr Elizabeth

    Wheeler and Mary Holloway were admitted into

    our Communion. _________

    15. Timothy, the son of David & Dinah

    Goodenow was baptized. ___________

    22. Rekecca The Daughter of Jonathan and

    Abigl Livermore (members of West Watertown) was baptized.

    29. Agnes Thornton was admitted into

    our Communion