____Church  Records_______



    Sacrament. day, the ordinance

    administer’d by Revd, Mr Kellogg

    Mrs Cobb who is a member of

    this church, but has absented her

    self for several years, requested

    to partake. but the Deacons thot

    best, and advised her to refrain

    as She has been associating with

    and has join’d the mithodists So-

    ciety, or church, she retired into a

    pew but did not partake of the

    sacred elements.  the church were

    detaind after meeting,  and appoin-

    ted a chh meting. after the services

    of next Lecture, to take up her af-

    fair. ___

    Dec 9

    Preparatory Lecture

    Revd Mr How performd the Services

    Revd Mr Wood present.

    the Chh

    tarried after the blessing was given,

    and the deacons, presented the following

    Notification. to our Revd Moderator.