Chh - Records.


    on July 2d next ensuring ___ wc was voted.

    Voted, that Two be ye Delegates ___

    Voted, Brr Baker be one.

    Voted, Brr Simon Tainter be ye Other.

    July 7. Hannah, of Edwds & Sarah Whipple

    & Result of ye Council at Holliston read.


    14. The Sacrt of ye Lds Supper was administred.


    Aug. 4. Mehitabel, of James junr & Eliz. Miller, bapt.

    ____ 25. Mary, of Wm & Sarah Pierce, bapt.

    by Rev. Mr Stone of Southborò ___

    Sept. 1. Moses Twitchell & Mary his Wife,

    and Susanna the Wife of Thomas Twitchell

    being dismissd from ye Chh in Holliston,

    were admitted into this Chh

    The Lords Supper was administered.


    ___ William, of John & Eliz. Rogers, &

    Reuben, of Danl & Hannah Gashitt,     bapt.

    Oct. 6. Jabez, of Ebenr & Amy Mainard bapt.

    A Contribution ye Same Day for Mr Thomas


    Gleason of Oxford, who was burnt out last

    for Mr

    July 2d ___ & gatherd in old Tenr £9. 6. 10.

    Th. Gleason

    ==Oct. 13. The Lords Supper was administred.


    Nov. 10.  A paper was read to ye Chh (being

    stopd at Eveng Signd by Abijah Gale

    containing his acknowledgmt of acting fool-

    ishly and imprudently wth ye wife of Isaac

    Amsden now of Southborò; & ye Chh voted

    Satisfaction with what he offerd.

    Also a Letter was read from David

    Letter from

    Taylor of Concord, being undr Difficultys

    Dav. Taylor.

    wth ye Chh of Bedford, to wc he belongs, and