Chh Records __


    After Prayer. Mr E Mills made some

    observations to the Chh _ relative to their

    proceeding to give a Candidate a Call ___

    said he thot it did, and would Operate

    to the Disadvantage of both Candidate &

    People _ for a People to give, & a Candidate

    to have a Call, Unles a Union together

    took place ___ and further that He under

    -stood He was the One the Chh had in

    View for their Pastor. to give a Call.

    at this Time, and said if that was the case He

    advised them to let the matter Rest

    . for if He had a Call at this Time

    even if it was pretty unanimous

    __ as he had reason to think a Tolerable

    Union would take place if their minds

    were taken ______ that even then it was

    improbable that He should Tarry __

    for He was soon going to Joarney

    a Distance and should could not

    till what would take place in ye interim

    &c. and retired ____