___Chh- Records._

    Bruce, & collected 4

    ___26. Nabby, of Isaac & Abigl Miller, bapt.

    Oct.10. Abigail-Lyman, of John &

    Abigail, Wood, and

    Puah, of Jonn & Abig. Batherick, bapt.

    ___17. Sophia, of Hannh & Hephz. Parker, bapt.

    Sacrt ___

    31. The Lds Supper was admind

    p.m. Isaac, of Isaac & Anne Davis, bapt.

    Nov. 7. Lydia, of Daniel & Lydia Chamber-

    lain was baptizd.

    Dec. 5. Isaac Parker & Margery, his

    Wife, also Rebecca Nurse, were ad-

    mitted into full Communion.


    12. The Lords Supper was administred.


    Feb. 20. Thankfull, of James junr & Mercy


    March 26.The Lds Supr admd



    Apr. 26. Continental Fast.

    The Brn of ye Chh were desird to tarry ____

    It was to conferr upon ye Affair of or Brr &

    Sister Adams.    The Chh voted to send

    a No of Brethn to or Sister Persis. Adams

    to enquire into ye Reasons of her long

    Absence from ye Communion.  They were,

    Brr Joseph Harrington, Deacon Bond &

    Brr Isaac Davis.

    _____30. Sullivan    of James & Mary

    & Salmon


    Esther, of Ebenr jr & Esther Chamberlain

    Lydia, of Joseph & Esther Belknap, baptd


    May 7. The Lds Supper admind

    Submitt, of Martha Temple, Widow,

    Francis, of Francis & Lydia Pierce, &

    Samuel, of Stephen &

    Cook, bapt.