^ remaining

    then Two Articles ^ one of Defamation; which

    being without any support, sunk of it self;

    The other Charging sd Newton with Speaking

    ^ in saying yt

    falsely and injuriously ^; But the Chh voted

    He (vizt Newton)

    That They wd not meddle wth That Matter.

    had paid ye Con

    So Those Affairs finished. __________

    :stable for Him (ye sd Rice)


    Twice or Thrice; wch Rice & yt if He had not paid his Rates for him ye Constabl wd have

    denyd. Newton Said, He

                  carryd him to

    Spake Thus, yt He had several Times paid ye Constable

    jail. wch Rice

    for him; wn except he had done so ye Constable would

    have carryd Him to jail for ought he knew.


    The Affair of Samuel Hardy came next

    ^ it appeared yt

    under Cognizance. And ^ a great majority

    were for his Enjoying Priviledges; But 4 or

    ^ some of ym

    5 offerd their Dissent, and ^ their Reasons. wch

    Reasons were referrd by ye Pastor to his own

    further Consideration. _________

    The Meeting Then Concluded wth [-----]=

    :[-----], [-----------]. Prayers & Praises offered


    unto God. _____

    April 14. Jonathan & Lydia Goodenow

    and Rebecca (ye Wife of Simeon) Howard

    (this last person being dismiss d from ye Chh

    of Marlborò) were admitted into our

    Communion. ____


    The Sacrament of the Lords Supper

    was Celebrated. ___

    Ithamar, ye Son of Jonathan

    & Lydia Goodenow was baptized. __

    21. Nathaniel Oake ownd ye Covt &

    William his Son was baptized. _____

             28. Elizabeth Daûter of Samuell

    & Tabitha Hardy (ye objections yt were from

    ^ from its being

    Time to Time made ^ being obviated) was

    born 3 Dayes

    baptized. _____

    under Seven

    May 19.  Anna, Daûter of William

    (Solar) Months

    & Mary Coi (who had own’d the Covt

    at Framingham, & Submitted to the

    Discipline of our Church) was Bap

    : tized.

    Ephraim & Susanna Allen were ad=