__Chh - Records.________


    22. The Lords Supper was administrd


    Robert - Breck, son of

    Stephen & Anne Maynard, &

    Thankfull, of Elijah Rice, baptd

    May 6. Persis, of Jonas and Persis Brigham, bapt.

    27. Isaac Miller was admitted into

    the Chh. and Sibyl, of Joseph & Sibyl

    Bruce; Hannah, of John and            Pratt

    & Phinehas- Gleason, of Isaac ^ Miller,

    ^ & Abigl

    were baptiz’d.

    June 3. The Lords Supper was administd


    Aaron, of Seth & Sarah Morse baptizd ___

    The Chh was stopd & Two letters were read ___

    one from Rev. Mr Wigglesworth of Ipsw. Hamlet,

    the other from Messrs Sam Chandler & John Rogers

    of Gloucester, to ye Pastor relative to Mr Cleavelands

    late Letter.  See May 13.

    10. Lavinia, of Artemas & Mary Bruce, bapt.

    July 1. Isabel, of Isaac Miller, baptizd by

    the Rev. Mr Stone. 8. Dorothy of Moses & Persis Warrin,

       was baptizd  .

    __  15. The Lords Supper was administd


    Aug. 5. Joseph, of ^ Joseph & Lavinia Bow-

    ^ Rev.

    man, was bapt. by Rev. Mr Bowman, himself:

    the forementiond Father.

    12. Hannah Rice, the Wife of Ado-

    nijah Rice, was admitted into Chh -


    19. Caleb, of James junr & Elizth Miller, bapt.

    & Sarah, Widow of ye late James Ball,

    was dismissd & to be recommended to ye

    Second Chh in this Town.

    26. The Lords Supper was admind