254  for the purpose of Admonishing

    Br Adams agreeable to the Rules of

    Chh Discipline in Dealings with

    offenders if nothing take place

    between this and that Time to

    prevent it ___


    July 23 Lord Supper Administred

    &. Dexter. of Edmund & Elizth Brigham

    Asa. of. James & Mary Godfrey

    Moses. of Daniel & Rebeckah Stockwell





    of Beriah & Hannah Ware

    And Joseph. of Joseph & Eleanor Robbins

    were Baptized By Revd Mr Fitch of

    Hopkinton ____  __


    said Joseph Robbins & his Wife Elea

    -nor also Katherin Broader wre

    admitted into full Communion wth

    this Chh  .  .



    .  .

    .  .


    27. Augt 1786 being the Sabbath the Chh

    Tarry after the Blessing at the Request

    of a No of Brethren, and appoint a Chh

    Meeting to be next Wednesday senight

    4 oClock PM which carry it to the

    6th of September next