__Chh- Records.


    part, being seriously considerd, to admitt her

    to Communion with us.”

    This was proposd to ye Chh, & voted in

    the affirmative, by a great majority.

    And it was Voted that ye Pastor, & ye Dea-

    cons, Bond & Wood, carry this Vote of ye Chh

    to Mrs A. and read it to her ___ but not give

    a Copy of it. ___

    ====== Then was read a Letter from ye 2d Chh

    in Shrewsbury, dated Decr 29. 1767, requestg

    our Assistce in Council on Jan last Tuesday of Janry

    and voted Complyance ____

    Voted two Delegates ___

    Voted Deacon Bond to be one.

    Voted Deacon Wood to be ye other.

    Exhortation followd that we be in Peace &

    Harmony. ___ The Meeting concluded wth

    Prayr & the Blessing. ___

    Jan. 24. Eli, of Francis & LydiaPierce, baptizd

    NB The Parents had ownd ye Covt at Hopkinton,

    & were recommended by Rev. Mr Barrett.

    Feb. 7. Fannira, of Thoms & Martha Temple,

    was baptizd by Rev. Mr Sumner.

    __ 14. Eli & Elizth of Eli & Elizth Whitny, baptizd.

    Feb. 21. Sarah, of Solomon & Han. Baker, and

    William Pitt, of John & Martha Wood, baptizd.

    March 20. The Lords Supper was administred.


    May 1. Edmund & Ruth Chamberlain

    were admitted into Chh Fellowship:

    The Lords Supper was administred: &


    Moses, of Sam. & Eliz. Fay, baptizd.

    15. William, of Jonas & Persis Brigham, bapt.

    22. Sarah, of George & Eunice Andrews,

    Persis, of Saml & Abigail Forbes,

    Mary, of Edmund & Ruth Chamberlain,

    were baptizd.

    June 12.  The Lords Supper was admind


    p.m. Contribn for Mr Joseph Sherman of Shrews-