July 2. The Ld’s Supper was admind


    Aug. 13. The Lds Supper was admind


    20. The Request of Wm Parkman

    to be dismissd from this Chh to ye Chh

    of Concord was laid before ye Brethn

    It was voted: & that he be recommend-

    ed to that Chh. ____

    Sept. 24. Jonathan Forbes, & Sarah

    his Wife, and Daniel Chamberlain

    & Lydia his Wife, were admitted

    into full Communion with ye Chh.

    The Same Day the Chh had been stop’d;

    and on Consideration of prevailing sick-

    ness & Mortality in the Town, it was

    proposd that a Day of Fasting and

    prayer be observd by this Chh; & that

    it be recommended to ye Congregation

    for their Concurrence herein; & it

    being put to Vote, it passd in ye Affirm.

    unanimously; and that it be on the

    next Wednesday (wc wd have been other-

    wise proposd as by divine leave, or Lectre

    Day).  And it being laid before ye Congre-

    gation in the afternoon, it was freely

    voted by the people, universally, as I sup-


    27. A Day of Fastg & Prayer

    observd by this parish agreeable to ye

    votes on ye 24th. May G. most mer-

    cifull & gracs be pleasd to accept us in

    Jesus Christ or Lord!

    Oct. 1. The Lds Supper was adminid


    Nov. 5. Solomon Batherick made

    an humble Confession of ye Sin of Fornicn

    and was restord to Charity; he was also

    admitted into full Communion wth ys Chh.