At the desere of the Churches Committee

    form into an Council nominated and

    chose the Revd Elisha Fish .Moderator

    and the Revd Joseph Sumner Scribe.__

    The Council being opend with Prayer by

    the Moderator proceeded to examine the

    proceedings of the Church and Town rela

    tive to the call given to Mr John Robinson

    to settle with them; and also Mr Robinson’s

    acceptance of their invitation; finding

    their proceedings to be regular:____ The

    Council proceeded to the examination of

    the Candidate; when he expressd his belief

    of the Assembly’s Catichism; and gave

    satisfactory answers to a large number

    of interrogations, which discovered his belief

    of the Doctrine of the Gospel, and his

    knowledge in Divinity; likewise his

    experience of the powr of divine truth

    upon his own heart, and his views in und

    ertaking the work of the Ministry ___

    The Council then Voted that the way was

    clear to proceed to the ordination of Mr

    John Robinson to the Pastoral Office

    in Westborough. ____

    ____  ____

    Voted to adjourn to the meeting House

    where they solemnly seperated Mr John

    Robinson to the Pastoral Office

    in Westborough

    Elisha Fish Moderator

    A true extract from the record of the doings

    of the Council __ _  Attest Joseph Sumner Scribe