___Chh - Records.___

    May 8. Abagail, of David junr & Ann Maynard, bapt.


    June 5. The Lords Supper administrd &

    Ebenr of Jabez & Kezia Snow, bapt __

    19. Stephen, of John & Ruth Belknap,

    members of ye Chh in Southborò, was baptizd

    on the right of the Mother (expressly).

    and Frederick, of  Joshua & Abigail Lock,

    was baptized also, on ye Mothers Right.


    July 17. The Lords Supper administd

    ^ & a Letter

    from aggrievd

    ___ 24. Josiah-Wood, of Benj. & Hannah Tainter, bapt. ^:

    Brn in ye Chh

    of Leominster

    ___  31. Thomas, of Thos & Susanna Twitchel, bapt.

    read- & left

    to Considern__

    Aug 21. Danl of Danl & Abigl Adams, bapt.

    by Rev Mr Martyn


    28. The Lords supper administd

    Pm. Joseph Bowman was baptizd and was

    admitted into Chh Fellowship.   &

    Joseph & Mary, Twins of Gershom & Mary

    Brigham were baptizd _____

    Sept. 25. The Chh was Stayd and ye Pastor

    consulted the Brethren about ye Affair of his

    going to preach at Cumberland, ye 3d Sabbath

    in October, by wc his own Pulpit must be vacant.

    A Vote was put, and it passd in ye affirm.


    Oct. 9. The Lords Supper was administd

    Nov. 6. The Chh was detaind on the

    Acct of Brr Nathl Whitneys failing

    to attend the Council on the Affair of ye

    Chh at Leominster, he being out of

    Health.  The Chh voted

    1. to Send another Delegate in his room.

    2. Deacon Jonathan Bond to be ye Pson.

    At this time also the Desire of or Brethren

    Nathan Ball & Jacob Rice, & or Sisters

    Mary Ball & Hannah Rice, yeir Wives, were

    ^: This day (July 24) The Chh was stayd to act


    upon ye Letter from Leominster.  Complyance Voted.

    Voted 2 Delegates. Justice Baker one. Br. Nathl Whitney ye other.